Is Their a Heaven?


Sad Poems I've Written

Can't Take It Back
she slides the straps down her shoulders as he watches on with a satisfied look upon his face
across town a boy looks at his ceiling to become her face once again thinking that the other guy won he shakes his head and wished he had told her how he felt she removes her dress and let it fall to the ground as she kisses the guy who has a winning grin he thinks that He has won she's in his bed she looks out the window as she let him take all of her an hour later she was no longer wanted he got what he was after he sent her away she breaks down on the way to home she gave away her prize to someone who doesn't care let alone loves her she was just a pawn in his game
she already wants to take it back even though she knows she can't

Only Friends

did you realize?every time i see you my heart skips a beat did you know?your smile can brighten my gloomiest day did you want me?to be this way just the way we are did you ever think?when i say love ya it's because i do how could you?not know how i felt when you see me look at you did you figure?i get jealous when i have to hear about her will i ever?come out and say i like you more than a friend I won't tell you though how can i tell you?that i don't want to be your friend
we could be so much more

Broken Promises

"i want to marry you"he told me"we'll be together forever"he promised "i want all of you"he whispered I kissed him and nodded I was told we'll be together so i gave in and let him we made love an it was beautiful he held me in his arms until we woke up he kissed my forehead and got in his car he drove off that afternoon his dad knocked"I've got some bad news"he cried"He has been in a accident"before i can even ask "is he okay?"he said "he died"i fell to the ground I screamed at the heavens"why did you have to take him?"

Forever Goodbye

you weren't there I searched for you but you never showed why do you leave me to deal with this on my own when i needed you more than ever I gave my heart and you left me all alone I was crying begging for you to come back but you never did I can't explain why i can't leave it's like you bring out the real me I've tried to let you go but I'm selfish I will not be without you I can't be without you please realize that I Love You more then i love myself please, please don't say goodbye
because goodbye means forever