Is Their a Heaven?



So last night after being with Olivia.I had a dream that I met this guy.this guy ended up being this vampire.His name was Tristan which is close to Austin I was totally falling in love with a vampire. This vamp didn't even love me back.So I took a safty pin and cut my neck. he smelled the blood and even if he didn't love me he just kill me so he turned me. The thought that went in mind was that i fooled a vampire into turning me so i can be with him forever.

i don't have any idea what this dream means so don't ask me. the thing is i'm not cunning or anything like that.

Forever sounds Nice



  1. It sounds like you would do anything to be with the one you love even lie or threaten to kill yourself over him.It's your inner voice telling you that you need to cool down. But I have to agree That FOREVER sounds Nice.

  2. it does sound great to me to but i really li9ke this guy soo you can take your advice and shove it