Is Their a Heaven?


Friend till the end yeah right

I'm I the only one who ever felt like I need the courage to press down. and when I say press down I mean with a knife to my wrist. These are the thoughts running through my head when my friend left me last night. when she knows very well that I am still afraid to walk so far alone at night especially after my incident. what kind of friend leaves you alone after you were harassed by two drunken guys. so when I finially got home last night i went into my shower and cried so no one can tell. Life Sucks then you DIE


  1. Don't ever say that life is beautiful and is worth living. I felt that way too and I took like ten asprins to die and my friend found me and rushed me to the hospital. I am now married with 2 kids in school. I thank my friend everyday that she just walked in that day

  2. I know i shouldn't think like that.
    I just miss my friend.

    Im SORRY