Is Their a Heaven?


Marine Girlfriend's Prayer

Lord, before I lay me down to sleep
I pray, thee Lord, his soul to keep.
Watch him through his distant night,
prolong his orders to go and fight.
Keep him here safe and sound,
keep his boots on American Ground.
Allow him trips to come back home,
give us time for our love to grow.
But when the time comes and we're oceans apart,
give him peace to ease his heart
Give him sleep to ease his soul,
keep his eyes on the goal.
Show him miracles throughout each day,
showing him that I am continueing to pray
Surround him with angels, watch over his bed,
Keep him safe so his blood isn't shed.
Give him strength each passing day
knowing your race isn't far away
Give him memories of me by his side
so he does not once doubt that I remain semper fi
you see lord this marine is my friend, my love, and my life,
and I pray for the day that he calls me his wife
I know he must first serve your purpose so i sit and patiently wait
Bit if something happens to him, let him enter your gates
Because you see, God he is a selfless and sacrificing man
He has already given so much for the people of this land
My lips he can not kiss my arms he can not embrace
He sleeps alone in his rack in a bare and confined place
He's missed his mom's cooking and his cousin's hugs too
that's why is a part of The Proud and The Few
so please reserve his pass, tell Peter to let him in
Because he's already gone through hell...don't make him go again
but please don't take him from me yet Iraq and heaven can wait
I want ot grow old with him. i want to join him at the gates
Can't you see dear Lord, as true as it seems
I can't live my life not without my MARINE

my friend is leaving soon to become a MARINE

okay so I've been kinda down lately and its because of a guy that isn't even my guy he's like my best friend and he's leaving me to go to basic and to become a marine who by  the way is the strongest people in the miltary but just because i like the marines doesn't mean that they can have him.... but im going to sit and nod my head when he starts to smile while talking about it and wait for him to come back soon though he will soon be far away he forever is in my heart no matter what.

                               so I PRAY FOR MY MARINE IN MY LIFE


Prom is Coming......I'm officially scared NOW!?!

Okay so the Big day is coming and me being the well prepared person i am (note the sarcasm) HAS: No ride, No DATE, No Dress, No Ticket and wait NO CLUE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! and THEY say prom is susposed to be relaxing and a fun time with all your friends. well at this rate i can go to prom in my pajamas and still have a good time but no not in my school where the creative is pretty much describe with what cheer is better.....there is no dress out there in this one horse town ( okay it may be a little bigger than that but hey not to me) that is worth my hard earn money!  okay that is just about the DRESS.......Now the big issue is I don't have a date to my SENIOR PROM!!!!! yeah this pretty much sucks but hey don't get me wrong im a bi fan on the "we don';t need a Man to make us feel  good" but i really do want a date to my prom this once in a lifetime experince is going to come rushin by Maybe i should ask my friend to set me up and go with someone that way but knowing my luck he will be a future serial killer i can see it now flash forward 10 years the serial killer thats been hunting in the midwest has finially been caught "dude i went to Prom with him!" haha good times my ass.

                                                                  If only I was a blonde cheerleader with a quarterback boyfriend