Is Their a Heaven?


Prom is Coming......I'm officially scared NOW!?!

Okay so the Big day is coming and me being the well prepared person i am (note the sarcasm) HAS: No ride, No DATE, No Dress, No Ticket and wait NO CLUE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! and THEY say prom is susposed to be relaxing and a fun time with all your friends. well at this rate i can go to prom in my pajamas and still have a good time but no not in my school where the creative is pretty much describe with what cheer is better.....there is no dress out there in this one horse town ( okay it may be a little bigger than that but hey not to me) that is worth my hard earn money!  okay that is just about the DRESS.......Now the big issue is I don't have a date to my SENIOR PROM!!!!! yeah this pretty much sucks but hey don't get me wrong im a bi fan on the "we don';t need a Man to make us feel  good" but i really do want a date to my prom this once in a lifetime experince is going to come rushin by Maybe i should ask my friend to set me up and go with someone that way but knowing my luck he will be a future serial killer i can see it now flash forward 10 years the serial killer thats been hunting in the midwest has finially been caught "dude i went to Prom with him!" haha good times my ass.

                                                                  If only I was a blonde cheerleader with a quarterback boyfriend



  1. damn you sound cheerful but hey I'll be your prom date