Is Their a Heaven?


I Wish I Could Get Him To Stop

At Least That's What He Tells Me

Hey tonight was weird it all started with a call to my friend and then a walk to a park . I played tic tac toe on his stomach and then wrote my name right on his waistline. then we drew all over his face and body...did you know that i can bring a guy to his knees by tickling him......dreaming about you and me well i guess I'm going to bed............................................too bad your not in it tonight cause that would be a dream come true so if you ever want to join me come on in i would love to wake up next to you and i wish he stop thinking of hurting himself hes my friend and i don't think i can handle it if he dies so please pray for lonely _girl's friend he needs the good vibe heading his way and send some my way as well I'll need all the help i can get to try to keep him from hurting himself...I just hope he remembers that he swore on his mother's grave not to cut again I love this guy so much i think of him as my best guy friend so please send love our way and pray for all those people who cant find a way to deal with their pain

I Need Your Help Okay God I Just Need It



  1. I will pray for your friend and Lonely_Girl just remind him that you care about him ok

  2. Your friend is emo just get over it he will never change anyway and from your last blogs you sound emo too so why dont you join him

  3. Shut the Fuck up you stupid Bitch I'm not emo and niether is my friend we just have problems