Is Their a Heaven?


Sorry About Not Posting New Poem For Ya

           Hey guys I so sorry for not writing for the past couple of months it's been hectic with starting school back up and everthing so Here is a Poem for you guys I hope you guys like it and comment on it. And that last post I'm sorry I was feeling uber depressed but I'm getting better with my depression


Please Die With Me

"I hope you die"
He said to me
as I held His Hand
I didn't care that's what I wanted to hear

"I hope You slit your Wrist"
He informed me
As I Hug him
I smiled
and said "Me too"

"I hope you pull the trigger"
He replied to me
as I kissed his lips
"fine by me"
I said back

"I hope you jump off they roof"
he told me
as I caress his Chest
"Where's the stairs"
I asked him

"I hope you wait for me"
He whispered
as I walk out the door to leave
I turned back with a tear in my eye
and Whispered
"So Do I"


  1. So your getting better that's good What's your secret?

  2. Absolutely beautiful. I loved your poem. I have also struggled with depression and self-mutilation. It's a long slow road to recovery as you may know. Good luck.